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Take Action


Join the movement by taking action to protect bears and their natural habitat.

Hey Bear has pledged 1% of sales to education and stewardship initiatives that focus on protecting bears and their native habitat. We are also committed to raising awareness for bear safety and educating our communities on responsible coexistence with bears.


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Get Involved

Care about bears where you live and want to enact change for good? Here’s some practical ways you can make a difference:

  • Educate Your Kids: Get your kids involved! Hey Bear will share ways on how to teach your children about safety and what bears do for our environment.
  • Become Bear Aware: Take a class to learn more about bears, how to avoid bear encounters and what to do in the event of one.
  • Attend local wildlife organization's events or projects. Support your local non-profit organizations and get involved.
  • Volunteer at Local Trailheads: There are many programs within bear country where you can volunteer at trail heads. You would provide information to hikers about living and visiting bear country safely and responsibly. Check your local areas.
  • Advocate Within Your Community: Share the resources of Hey Bear with your friends and family so we can all support wildlife safely.
  • Speak Up: Email or call your state and local legislators requesting they champion wildlife and public land preservation. You can use the draft form below as a simple guideline. Enact Change!
  • Bear Safety Courses: Take classes to learn more about bears. Learn how to avoid bear encounters and what to do in the event of one.
  • Go to local wildlife organizations events or projects. Support your local non-profit organizations and get involved.

Write Your Representatives

Connect with your local legislator. It is time to speak up and enact change! Using the template below, contact your local government officials to express your concerns about policies that affect wildlife.

It's simple.

  1. Copy the pre-drafted letter below.
  2. Find your representatives by visiting this site:
  3. Follow the instructions: Enter your address; Choose your representatives; Write your message.
  4. Paste the sample letter in the Message box.
  5. Select an appropriate Topic field for each legislator (e.g. "Animals," "Wildlife," "Environment," "Public Lands").
  6. Submit your petition.

Sample Letter:

Subject: Please vote for wildlife and our public lands

Dear [Legislator],

Our public lands provide essential habitat for wildlife and must be protected. As population growth contributes to urban sprawl and pressure to harvest natural resources such as natural gas, essential wildlife habitat and migratory zones are being negatively impacted. It is imperative that we act decisively to preserve our public lands as open spaces for wildlife habitat and migratory routes. Your actions now will have a lasting impact on our environment and future generations.

Please act for the good of our nation's wildlife by voting for legislation that preserves and protects our public lands and the wildlife that live on them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.



Gift Hey Bear

Gift someone you care about with the reminder to stay safe and aware in bear country. Hey Bear products serve as a constant reminder we can all do our part to coexist responsibly with wildlife. Additionally, every time you shop Hey Bear, we give 1% back to wildlife.


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